Birkenstocks: When Ugly Becomes Trendy

You had the same thought I did about the undeniable go-to for hippies everywhere. As many trends do, they are subtle at first.  Building notoriety. Once photographed in Vogue, the market seemed saturated with 90’s revival.  Trend staples begging to be a distant fashion memory. Mom jeans, Patagonia jackets, and jelly sandals were on display. Despite the evidence that soon all would be apart of a trend for many seasons, I doubted the longevity.

Mae West‘s outlook on life was simple, “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.” Unfortunately, this does not always apply to fashion. Definitely not Birkenstocks. I tried Birks in silver with midi skirts with cropped leather jackets like I had seen on blogs.  No matter how trendy the skinny jeans and wool trench were, neither validated from my hippy feet. Family and friends shrieked at the sight of my hippy feet. I tried them with yoga pants, carrying my mat to class… success. Some trends are not for everyone and not intended  for everywhere. Proceed with caution, buy budget before buying designer when dabbling in uncertainties. By the end of next summer I will be crying about the hideous reemergence of hiking sandals. Stay tuned.

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